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The Walk to Rebirth


The Walk to Rebirth

Olivia Melkonian

The Armenian genocide began in 1915 in Ottoman Turkey, and involved a series of massacres and deportations in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the Empire of Armenians. Over one million Armenians are estimated to have died either due to negligence or murder. ‘The Walk To Rebirth’ follows the lives of Ottoman Armenians post-genocide. With a strong diaspora resonance in Beirut, Lebanon this podcast extends itself across the globe to hear the many forgotten voices. This piece is an oral-history radio documentary, that shares the true history of Ottoman Armenians and their families throughout the period of the exodus.

‘The Walk To Rebirth’ has grounded its roots in the particular path of my Grandmother, lived by many Ottoman Armenians, escaping to Syria, and eventually settling in Beirut, Lebanon. Following the Civil War that devastated the country, many Armenians fled further out to the West, with my family settling in London. Our history has been written by our victors, who today still do not acknowledge the genocide. This podcast shares the Armenian voice and Armenian history, in an intimate sonic medium capturing the intricacies of testimonies and tales, and the soundscapes of the lives of those whose stories are as yet untold.