University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

The Grand Silence

The Grand Silence


Sophia Demetriou, Georgia Dye, Isabelle Simmons, Leo Wong

A young pianist suffers a terrible accident resulting in the loss of her hearing. She must face her psychological battle if she is ever to play again.

‘The Grand Silence’ was inspired by two of our favourite short films, ‘One Small Step’ and ‘The Piano Tuner’. ‘One Small Step’ is a film about a young girl coming of age who aspires to become an astronaut. We watch her grow and face several personal and professional obstacles until she finally reaches her goal. ‘The Piano Tuner’ illustrates a man who is acting blind in order to sell his piano tuning business and to gain more recognition. Therefore we combined two inspirational narratives to form a story that represents growth and development against the power of the human spirit and overcoming hardship. Our team felt this story was powerful and worth representing.

Through our time at Sussex we have learnt a wide range of skills but through practice in roles of producer, director, cinematographer and editor we learnt the most important task to accomplish overall is teamwork. Together we accomplished ‘The Grand Silence’.