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The Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in The Room

Tristan Brunt

‘The Elephant in The Room’ is a historical radio drama series that explores true stories and period typical inequalities and abuses whilst travelling through the sonic history of the streets of London. Close your eyes and Tristan’s soundscape-drama will transport you back in time…

First to 1882, where a drunk horse-drawn cab driver’s frustration at an overcrowded London lead to a xenophobic and classist row. Episode 2 places listeners in the complicated power balance of the 1926 general strike whilst travelling on London’s tramways. During an air raid in 1942, episode 3 explores the forgotten role of women in the auxiliary ambulance service during WWII and the period-typical sexism they had to endure. The final episode transports listeners to new year’s night 1962, as a group of jazz musicians drink and drive their way to a televised gig.

You are invited to climb aboard historic vehicles, meet London’s previous residents and travel through time as real stories are brought to life through the immersive medium of sound.