University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Steps to Perfection


Wanting Li Scarlett

ASteps to Perfection examines and challenges female Eastern beauty standards by recreating the process of cosmetic surgery.  It explores the cultural projections and traditional gender roles imposed upon girls from the outside world, media and culture. With thousands of images about women bombarding our lives, the ideology that is delivered to our society changes people’s attitudes about beauty aesthetics. It seems that everyone has accepted, believes, and is infatuated by the beauty standard.

The project Steps to Perfection was shot as a self-portrait, inspired by Cindy Sherman’s methods of self-portraiture that share a single, notable feature: she directly confronts the viewer’s gaze. In Steps to Perfection most of the photography in the project portrays the model looking straight into the camera. Steps to Perfection is also inspired by Korean photographer Ji Yeo’s Beauty Recovery Room.