University of Sussex: BA Media Practice
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The Changing Role of Women in China


Shilei Min Cherie

The Changing Role of Women in China is an interactive website that records the impact of historical events on women starting with the Tang Dynasty and extending all the way to the establishment of The People’s Republic of China and the present day. The aim of this project is to show the impact of historical events on modern Chinese women as they relate to different areas, such as family, work and beliefs. The project shows how the role of women is constantly evolving and how nowadays women are able to earn more rights and respect for themselves. 
The concept of this project is inspired by the works of Cindy Sherman and Nikki S. Lee. Sherman is best known for her conceptual portraits in which she is  trying to break the traditional stereotypes of women. In Lee’s most noted work Projects (1997-2001), she immersed herself into various American subcultures and created an identity that is an extension of herself. Having grown up in China, I feel very passionate about this project due to my own cultural background.