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Sisterhood of the Babassu

Sisterhood of the Babassu


Holly Lush

‘Sisterhood of the Babassu’ is an animated documentary that tells the story of a community of indigenous women in Brazil, and their fight for autonomy and justice against the growing industrial farming industry.

Following the life of a founding leader of the movement, Dona Dije, it tells the story of the courageous ‘Babassu Breakers’ who have fought for the right to harvest the native Babassu nut, in turn protecting their culture and the Amazonian Rainforest. At the heart of the animation is an inspirational and motivational tale of the power of women and the importance of the environment.

The piece draws upon elements of a craft aesthetic, as a memento to the feminine and historically oppressed artistic medium. Through the fantastical nature of the animated form, it aims to raise awareness of the work of these courageous women, drawing upon their stories as a cause for celebration and inspiration.