University of Sussex: BA Media Practice



Kristina Kazak 

Everything is unstable. What we see and what we understand is different. The message of what we see can be manipulated. This video is a critical interrogation of how Donald Trump uses media to manipulate th udience.
Revea is a video essay that examines whether Trump borrows theoretical techniques to convey his message from Martin Luther Thomas on Christian right radio broadcasts of the 1930s.        

It does so through a close analysis of the book The Psychological Technique of Martin Luther Thomas’ Radio Addresses by Theodor Adorno (2000). Fascist oratory “develops distrust and disgust of language, making it manipulative by using codes or repeating the same phrases” (Kellner, 2004:14). The repetition “can determine the opinions of the population”. Trump can be seen to be using fascist ideology through his speeches, actions, and techniques and this may be viewed as part of his success in convincing his audience.