University of Sussex: BA Media Practice




Izzie Hopewell, Kieron Kennedy, Lexie Matthewman, Sarah Penwarden

Regression is a documentary centred on the near-death experience (NDE) of participant Ainsley Threadgold. The film covers themes of death, memory, and spirituality, raising questions regarding the practice of hypnotherapy. With very few other media texts covering NDEs or hypnotherapy, Regression stands as a unique and informative exploration of a little-known topic.

Certain aesthetics employed within Regression show the influence of films such as Errol Morris’s The Thin Blue Line or Dylan Howitt’s Out Of Thin Air. The intense and direct interview style seen in Morris’s film was used in Regression to allow the interviewee to drive the narrative in the most emotive way possible, the focus being solely on him. Both films forms of reconstruction lend their influence to Regression’s visuals, keeping things obscure yet closely related to the dialogue.