University of Sussex: BA Media Practice
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Regeneration explores the pressure on young women and teenage girls to construct an image of the perfect self on social media, focusing on the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed through heavily edited and filtered images. The pressure to project an image of the perfect self crosses over from our online presence to our real lives, whereby the inability to achieve unattainable beauty ideals can have a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing. 

Inspired by the work of Henry Hargreaves, Regeneration uses an experimental approach of scannography in which the images of objects are captured through a photo scanner, then manipulated and repeated to create a kaleidoscopic effect in order to recontextualize the objects, emulating the appearance of a wallpaper, thus highlighting the decorative use of the objects. Each image is highly controlled and constructed, reflecting the controlled and constructed nature of the images we present of ourselves on social media.