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My Story: A Taiwanese Woman Lives Abroad


My Story: A Taiwanese Woman Lives Abroad

Yuan-Ling Wang

A 30-minute podcast told by a 22-year-old Taiwanese woman, who chose to study abroad for four years in the UK. In this first-person account essay I look back on one of the biggest decisions I have ever made, in order to experience an entirely new journey in my life. Set in two main locations, my home country of Taiwan and the United Kingdom where I am currently undertaking my further education. Whether it is distance, time difference or culture, the difference that I experience in my day-to-day life will be the main topic of this project.

Joe Richman, is an award-winning producer, and reporter who has created some of the most compelling ordinary stories into something much more extraordinary. His manifesto “My So-Called Narrative Life: How to Turn the Messy, Contradictory, and Often Boring Raw Material of Ordinary Life Into a Story” (Richman, 2014) is the inspiration for my project, which made me believe that my own “boring” life story could also inspire others.