University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Over the Rainbow


Minyu Chen

Although today’s world has become increasingly more open-minded on LGBT issues there appear to be elements of society that have difficulty accepting this. In my opinion LGBT people are the same as heterosexual people, both borne by their mothers and are ‘human’, the only difference between LGBT and heterosexual people is the sexual orientation. As the rainbow flag has been appropriated as a symbol of LGBT pride I have decided to use it within the work as a symbol for a brighter, and more accepted, LGBT future. 

The model has almost two-thirds of her face in the dark, and is not looking at the camera directly, which shows that there are still a lot of LGBT people that, for many personal, cultural and societal reasons cannot allow their sexual orientation to become public. However, there is a large area of rainbow light in the background, which potentially connotes a brighter future for LGBT people.