University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Lost in the System


Chung Yee Kwok

The aim of this project is to construct and highlight representations of loneliness experienced by many overseas students, moments that are often concealed and unobserved. While some international students are living seemingly luxurious lifestyles, they could all potentially suffer from isolation given their young age and sometimes a significant geographical distance from home. 

The project has been influenced by Gregory Crewdson and David Hobby. Telling a story or constructing a scene using a multitude of frames within a film is a radically different challenge from telling a story using only one static frame. Whilst producing this project, I dedicated attention to the detail in location, props and expressions of the model. Crewdson helped me understand that pressing the shutter button is only the last step in producing a picture and in my project this is combined with lighting techniques influenced by David Hobby.