University of Sussex: BA Media Practice



Zijuan Feng

The concept behind Machin-E is to use participants’ brainwaves to control the movements of a drawing machine. This installation does not only aim to share consciousness in a public space but also represents an analogous experience of ‘bodily disembodiment’ and ‘mechanical embodiment’ through split physicality. Physical bodies and biological characteristics are transduced into the phantom entities of machines capable of performing and interacting.

This project is inspired by Stelarc, who devotes himself to human-machine co-evolution, as part of a radical argument about the obsolescence of the human body, an argument made within post-humanism. Following the theoretical explorations of Donna Haraway and Katherine Hayles, Machin-E culturally explores the complex interaction between humans and machines to discuss evolving changes within the context of post-humanism and cyborgs.