University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Humans Operating in an Algorithm

Humans Operating in an Algorithm

Tristan Savary de Beauregard

In a time where we romance the robot and where machine-mediated relationships are at an all-time high, we must understand that all we do with technology is inherently stored in some shape or form. Through the careful use of a hacked Xbox One Kinect and TouchDesigner, ‘Humans Operating in an Algorithm’ aims to display the audience in live code form, using the raw data output that is captured through the Kinect’s depth sensors. Moreover, this installation also features a 3D wave that is being live fed data from social networks to its vertices, so as to illustrate the idea that much like how a wave is a by-product of wind, data is a by-product of human interaction with technology.

This approach towards the data-sphere was heavily inspired by Kyle McDonald’s work which subverts concepts of the digital age pertaining to privacy, identity and human computer interaction. Albeit abstract and minimal in nature, ‘Humans Operating in an Algorithm’ generates meaning for all of those who interact within the digital sphere, in the hope that it may plant a seed for the viewer to inquire about their own digital footprint and use of technology in the information age.