University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Game Changer



Eleanore Hayes, Kichang Song, Penny Niu

Game Changer explores the idea of identity through two table tennis players who changed their nationalities in order to play for other countries at an international level. Composed of personal interviews about home life, training and competitions, we discover how personal ambition has pushed these individuals, to a certain extent, to change their identities.

Taking inspiration from The King Never Gives Up (2017) for some shot angles and overall structure, our documentary shows the reality of the lives of Zhai Yujia and Han Ying. With so many talented players in China, there are limited opportunities. Therefore, we wanted to highlight the story of those who are not selected for their country’s national team, but whose talent should not be wasted. Using what we have learned throughout our time at Sussex, Game Changer is a documentary which will raise awareness of the challenges faced by professional athletes.