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Fast Pace of City Life

Fast Pace of City Life

Tingting Jia

Nowadays, most people’s pace of life is very fast, especially those people who live in the big cities. However, there are still some people who cannot keep up with this kind of pace, such as old people and children. This is what my project wants to show - the fast pace of city life.

From my work, we can see there are a lot of people passing by. It is just like the very fast rhythm of city life nowadays. The idea of the project was inspired by Laurent Baillet and Alexey Titarenko. “Time is very important to me. When the background stays the same, you can capture a brief moment or record the track of every object disappearing from the scene for a period of time.”(L. Baillet).

These photos were shot using a very slow shutter speed so that we can get the blurry image, in stark contrast to the speeding cars, or people, and permanent cities.