University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Don't Talk About it

Don’t Talk About it

Ilinca Nanu

‘Don’t talk about it’ is an installation about the negative psychological effects of TV news, investigating the chaotic transmission of information as being the source for mass confusion, distress and ignorance. Using Klaus R. Scherer’s ‘Emotion Theory’, which necessitates that triggers cause emotions, which then cause actions, the project aims to challenge initial responses of ignorance and rejection, which users may have to the news and to current world events.

‘Don’t talk about it’ encases the omnipresent news into a black box. The users have to peek through an opening in order to watch a montage of clips that show the chaotic overtone of TV news channels, interrupted by animated emotional visualisations of distress and fear. ‘Don’t talk about it’ can be seen also as a form of protest against Chomsky’s ‘Mass Media Machine’ and encourages viewers to source more reliable mediums of information, to choose not to shy away from hard conversations and continue seeking interest in the surrounding world.