University of Sussex: BA Media Practice



Ieva Vilcinskaite

‘Disconnect’ is a media campaign that aims to raise awareness about the adverse effects digital technology has on our lives and to promote a global day without technology. The project investigates some of the unfavourable consequences our growing addiction to smartphones, the internet and social media is having on our wellbeing and social interactions, proposing that we reconnect with each other in the moment and without technology.

The project takes the form of a website, which will serve to inform audiences of the negative impact that arises through the overuse of social media and screen technology through a series of infographics, drawn from relevant current research. It also pulls together voices from the wider digital detox movement to create a manifesto, which aims to inspire people to gather together for a global day of digital detox on the 2nd September 2019, so that they might reconnect in the moment, without technology.