University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Digital Religion


Teodora Preda

Digital Religion is an installation that recreates a religious space using digital devices that simulate traditional religious objects and rituals. Using light projections, video installation and interactive screens, the piece makes its users question the use of digital media for religious purposes.

Inspired by the work of artists like Bill Viola and James Turrell and based on critical research from authors such as Heidi A. Campbell and Erik Davis, the installation seeks to use digital media creatively in order to communicate its message and also offer a critique of the medium. The project can be seen in the context of the development of new media technologies, which have brought significant change to the way followers of different religions practice their faith. Contemporarily it is common for people to befriend saints on Facebook, visit virtual churches or even keep track of their sins using different apps on their phone. This project encourages us to question whether or not the future of religion is digital.