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East & West: Depression

Hsueh-Wen Hou

This project is a documentary podcast about the differences in the manifestations of depression in Eastern and Western cultures. In this podcast, you will hear people’s stories about how they have overcome and how they are dealing with depression.

I have been very curious of the difference of Eastern and Western manifestations of depression, which is the reason why I chose this topic. The inspiration of this idea came from real-life situations. I know some people close to me who have suffered and overcome or are still suffering from depression. I have always believed there are cultural factors that we need to look into in assessing and evaluating someone who has clinical depression. I also want to share true stories of people who have overcome this notorious mental illness to inspire listeners who are also suffering from depression to help themselves out of the situation and to welcome medical help and familial support. It is time we all face our inner battles and reject any feeling of depression for a healthier mental and physical life regardless of culture and race.