University of Sussex: BA Media Practice

Chinese or Hongkonger



Coby Tong

Have you ever found yourself pausing for a second when people ask you where you come from? If you are like me, born in Hong Kong but growing up in other places, you may understand what I am saying. Although Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, many Hong Kong people are still resisting a Chinese identity. However, people only accept the identity that they feel most engaged with. As part of a new generation of Hong Kongers, I have to find out my true sense of identity.

By producing this podcast, I got a chance to resolve the confusion over my identity. I have interviewed a lot of people for this project because I desired to get a wider picture on the issue. For the theoretical basis I have used nationalism theory as developed by Benedict Anderson in his Imagined Communities. This concept has made it easier for me to understand how people interpret the way their identity develops.