Welcome to the BA Media Practice Graduate Showcase 2017. The pieces you see in this exhibition are the culmination of three years’ work by students on our BA Media Practice degree. Theirs was a rich and varied journey, beginning with the study of a range of media in their first year, and progressing to focus on a single medium. As finalists, each of the students (working individually or in groups) spent the entire year researching, planning, building, (and rebuilding) these projects. The work spans multiple media: sound, photography, documentary video, digital media, animation and screen drama. Although we are sad to see these students go, we are proud of their accomplishments. We feel they have demonstrated vast potential and we encourage you to look for this in every work you see.

Once again, thank you for coming to the 2017 Media Practice Degree Show, and please join us in congratulating our finalists, wishing them all the best for their future.

If you would like to know more about the BA in Media Practice or about another degree in our department here at Sussex, we’d be happy to speak to you.

 Adrian Goycoolea, Subject Head.

Adrian Goycoolea, Subject Head.